Monday, March 19, 2012

Poem ~ "Wishful Words"

This poem went through several days of cogitating before I decided on a couple words and finally came up with a title I liked. I wrote the poem to try to explain WHY I write poems. And happily, my many friends tried to help me figure out a title for the poem and gave me lovely suggestions for the words I wasn't happy with in my first draft. It was obvious that they "got" the WHY of this poem.

So here is my final (?) version:

Wishful Words 

I wish you could see what I see
- - the beauty in a moment, a hue
I wish you could feel what I see
- - the wonder in a vision, a tree
I wish you could hear my feelings
- - the magic in a memory, a smile
I wish you could touch my feelings
- - the whisper of a thought, a tear
I wish you could feel my words
- - my thoughts in a poem, a sigh

(completed March 19, 2012)

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