Collecting Poetry

Besides writing poetry, I enjoy collecting poems by others.
Here are some I hope you will come to enjoy as much as I do - -

I am Danish by heritage so the first poems I am including are by Piet Hein. Before I go on, here is a brief bio of Piet Hein taken from Wikipedia:

A Danish scientist, mathematician, inventor, designer, author and poet, Piet Hein lived through the German occupation of Denmark during WWII. When deciding what to do, he felt he had three choices: do nothing, flee to "neutral" Sweden or join the Danish resistance movement. "Sweden was out because I am not Swedish, but Danish. I could not remain at home because, if I had, every knock at the door would have sent shivers up my spine. So I joined the Resistance." His first weapon became his pen when he published his first "grook". It passed the censors who did not grasp its real meaning.

                                     CONSOLATION GROOK
                                           Losing one glove
                                          is certainly painful,
                                               but nothing
                                       compared to the pain,
                                             of losing one,
                                       throwing away the other,
                                               and finding
                                             the first again.

The Danes, however, understood its importance and it was soon found as graffiti all around the country. The deeper meaning of the grook was that if you lose your freedom ("losing one glove"), do not lose your patriotism and self respect by collaborating with the Nazis ("throwing away the other"), because that sense of having betrayed your country will be more painful when freedom has been found again some day.  Born in December 1906, Piet Hein died at the age of 90 in April 1996.

Nearly all the grooks included a line drawing but I can not find all the drawings to include. Here are some grooks with and without the drawings -


          Put up in a place                                         NAIVE
      where it's easy to see                                           Naive you are
   the cryptic admonishment                                        if you believe
                   T.T.T                                                       life favors those
                                                                                   who are naive.
When you feel how depressingly
          slowly you climb,                                    FORETASTE WITH AFTERTASTE
    it's well to remember that                                          Corinna's scanty evening dress
        Things Take Time.                                                reveals her charms to an excess
                                                                                     which makes a fellow lust for less.

                   WANTING TO BE ABLE TO
                                'Impossibilities' are good
                                   not to attach that label to;
                                 since, correctly understood,
                                    if we wanted to, we would
                                  be able to be able to.

           Problems worthy
                  of attack
            prove their worth
              by hitting back