Friday, September 16, 2011

Want to Comment?

I'd love to have your comments.

I have heard there are difficulties in commenting on my Blog. I haven't seen any comments appear for moderation but since this is a new Blog I thought I just hadn't received any yet. However, a couple friends personally told me they had tried to comment but nothing happened.

So I went looking for solutions and here is what I found:
I checked all my settings and do indeed have everything set up for moderated comments on my Blog so there was one other possibility, something on the commenter's computer is blocking the process.
Blogger Help Forum posted this -

When you leave a comment do you see the Spam Captcha Code after you hit Submit/Post?
No, nothing. My comment just vanishes. And, I have pop ups enabled, yes.
I can leave comments on blogspot blogs who use pop up comments and full page..just not the ones using the drop down menu. 

Ok, that's the problem
Something on your PC is blocking the Spam Captcha from displaying. You need to see what firewall/popup/adblockers you have enabled and see if they are the cause of the blocking.
Also make sure you have 3rd Party Cookies Enabled.
AHA!! You solved the problem!! I had popups enabled, but not 3rd party cookies. sigh!! So, it was a cookie problem. 

I have also just today learned that another factor making commenting on a Blogspot Blog very difficult is if you are using Firefox as your web browser. The best browser choice would be Chrome as that is a Google product and therefore the most compatible. But some other websites do not play well with Chrome. Personally, I like it and have been using Chrome for nearly as long as it has been in existence. 

So, I hope this Forum thread helps anyone who wants to comment on my Blog in the future. 
I look forward to hearing from you!

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